We get a lot of local people on our tours, either from Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire. Invariably, their reason for coming on the tour goes something like this ‘You always make the effort to do stuff like this when you are on holiday, but never in your own city.’ And I have to admit that I am guilty of the exact same thing. Despite having lived in Aberdeen for most of my life, there are some things I have completely missed out on.

But Autumn is an excellent time for exploring and trying new things. Here’s hoping that I get to all of these attractions before the end of the year.

  1. Visit Balmoral Castle & Haddo House

    With more than 300 castles and stately homes in the area, Aberdeenshire is castle country. But some stick out to me more than others. Balmoral, of course, for its reputation as the Queen’s holiday home and Haddo House for its stately splendour and its connection to Lady Aberdeen (one of my fav Aberdonian ladies).

  2. Make the most of the Autumn Rover ticket

    Like many Aberdonians, I love a bargain, but this one is insanely good. Buy a ticket to one of the participating attractions and get to go to 3 others for free! You can pick from Grampian Transport Museum, Royal Lochnagar Distillery and Macduff Marine Aquarium plus five other attractions. A great incentive to try something new.

  3. Go dolphin Watching at the Torry Battery

    Aberdeen is supposed to be the best place in Europe to see bottle-nosed dolphins. And the best place to see them in Aberdeen is Torry Battery. Although the RSPB helpers have packed up for the summer, the dolphins certainly have not. And the local RSPB has several interesting field trips and talks right into the beginning of next year.

  4. Learn at the Kings’ Museum

    I consider myself something of a museum buff so I ashamed that I have never been to this one in Old Aberdeen. Especially because I have talked to some of the Museum Studies students who curate the exhibition as part of their course. At the moment it is Growing Up: Different Journeys. Next time I have a free afternoon on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday I have to get my butt over to Old Aberdeen.

  5. Eat at NESCOL training restaurant

    Have I mentioned that I love a bargain? At Aberdeen College’s training restaurant you can experience fine dining at a fraction of the expected cost because all the food is prepared and served by students as part of their course. And, based on their instagram account, it looks super yummy. Plus, it’s BYOB - saving me even more money.

  6. Drink on the Brewdog Tour

    I am not a beer fan - but I am a tour devotee so I’d really like to go on a tour of their Ellon brewery. Over the years, I have met quite a few people who have come to Aberdeen purely because it is near to where their favourite beer is made. It’s quite a phenomenon and we’re lucky to have it on our doorstep.

  7. Bounce like a big kid

    There are now not one but two places in Aberdeen solely dedicated to jumping around. One is trampolining centre Jump In and the other is ‘inflatable park’ Innoflate. Both of them make it quite clear on their websites that adults without kids won’t be looked at as giant weirdos. Which I like. Jump to it.

  8. Discover hidden gems at the Treasure Hub

    Although I have seen the new building which stores the surplus collection of Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums, I haven’t been on one of their weekly Wednesday tours. I’d love a “behind the scenes” look at the collection, especially since so much of museums’ collections end up in storage.

    What haven’t you done in Aberdeen but always meant to? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

    Photo credit: Go Mall