Do I have to pay to go on the free tours?

No, you do not have to pay. However the guide will invite voluntary donations at the end of the tour. We leave it up to you to decide what the tour was worth.

Is there a lot of walking involved?

Most of our tours are a little over a mile and include a couple of slightly steeper pavements. However, there are lots of stops and the guide will always go at the pace of the group and adapt to your ability. Please let the guide know if you have difficulties with steps, distances etc.

Will the tour be cancelled if it is raining?

Short of Hurricane Bawbags, the show (or the tour) will go on.

Are the tours suitable for children?

There is nothing unsuitable for children on our tours. However you know your child best and will know whether they are likely to be interested in an hour and a half history tour.

Is the tour suitable for prams/pushchairs?

Although there are some steeper paths and - occasionally - some bumpy pavements, we have had lots of people with prams and pushchairs along on our tours who have managed fine. If you come along on a tour with a pushchair, the guide will make sure to take a route that avoids steps.

Is the tour suitable for wheelchair users?

In the past we have worked with Schottland für Alle, which offers ‘barrier-free travel for people with and without a handicap’, to provide tours for groups that include wheelchair users. We therefore have some experience planning suitable tour routes around Aberdeen. If you come along on a tour with a wheelchair, the guide will make sure to take a route that avoids steps and will try to choose the easiest route possible. However, we are also aware that things are different for different people. We want our tours to be accessible to everyone so if you have any concerns, please get in touch.

Can I bring my dog on the tour?

Yes! We have had several dogs on our tours and they are always very welcome as long as they are kept on the lead and are comfortable around traffic and crowds.

I can't make the times of your public tours. Do you offer private tours?

We are happy to arrange private tours and can adapt our regular tours to suit your needs and interests. Just fill out our enquiry form or drop us an email on to find out how we can make your 'Outlander'-themed hen party horror tour extravaganza happen.

I want to arrange a tour in a language other than English. Can you do that?

We are happy to work alongside interpreters for private tours. If you want an English to German interpreter we are able to arrange that. For other languages we can work alongside an interpreter you provide. If you have any questions about this, email us on

Do you still do free tours of Dundee/Inverness/St Andrews/Stonehaven?

Unfortunately we no longer do free tours of Dundee, Inverness, St Andrews or Stonehaven. For these locations you can download our audio guides on VoiceMap, which uses GPS to trigger audio at the right time.

Don't worry - our audio tour has everything you have come to expect from us: compelling storytelling, quirky details and a point of view that goes beyond the normal tourism narrative. It just gives you the freedom to explore in your own time and focus on what you want.

For more information on our audio tours, click on ‘other locations’ in the main menu.