We are delighted to announce the launch of our newest tour – a craft beer tour of four city centre pubs in Aberdeen. 

Since 2010, Aberdeen has been making a name for itself as destination for craft beer lovers. On this small-group tour you’ll find out why that is, as we take you to four city centre pubs, linked to three independent craft breweries. The tour will be led by guide (and craft beer enthusiast) Rick and will be all about the history of craft beer, as well as the surprising, amusing and revealing tales of how these Aberdeen breweries developed. 

Of course, a craft beer tour would not be complete without sampling the beer itself. At each location you’ll get a 1/3 pint of a beer with a story to tell. We hope you’ll come away from the tour with some new favourites and some trivia to share next time you are down the pub. 

We'll be running one tour just before Christmas and one in January. Tickets are available now from our website and are £25 (including booking fee). But we want to keep this tour quite cosy and intimate so places are limited to 8 per tour. 

We're really excited about this new venture for SFT into something a little bit different for us and we hope to see some of you fans of beer and history along on the new tour. 

You can book a place on the tour here. If you have any questions, feel free to email us on scotfreetours@gmail.com